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August 29, 2016

Welcome to the Portal Pages

Welcome to my portal pages.  A full description of the capabilities of the 'ReadyPortal' software can be found at RedDog Software.  I hope you enjoy the discussions, polls and other functions.  If you have any things you would like to see implemented here let me know


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Personal Opinions and Rants
FBI wants legislative fix on device encryption -FCW

What are these morons thinking? They could possibly make it illegal for Manufacturers to make phones with strong encryption for sale in the US. That would result in the ability for the Government and Law enforcement to spy on US Citizens leaving them still unable to to see data from foreigners and offshore terrorists. Get [...]

Review: The iPhone 5S really is the best iPhone yet - Computerworld

Review: The iPhone 5S really is the best iPhone yet - Computerworld With cutting-edge architecture, a better camera and a motion coprocessor, the 5S offers a lot of hardware for the money

Homeland Security: Hackers Love Android

The Department of Homeland Security is warning that Google’s Android OS is a major target for hackers and represents the single largest target for security issues having 79% of the malware for mobile platforms targeting Android. By contrast Apple’s IOS has only 0.7% of the malware focused on trying to exploit that much more [...]

Obama WhiteHouse Dinners $5000/Person!

Wow, $5000 a plate dinners hosted by the Obama’s on the Taxpayers dime. This is exponentially more than any other President in History. Perhaps this explains the need for tax increases Obama is pitching for.

In any case, clearly Barrack and Michelle are NOT one of us.  Dig in Mr. President the taxpayers are [...]

Obamas Failed Wealth Redistribution Goals

A Recent Letter to the Editor of the Daytona Beach News Journal. (Oct 4th)

Wealth redistribution a failure Barack Obama is the self-proclaimed middle-class advocate and defender.

Yet on Obama’s watch, for the first time since the Franklin Delano Roosevelt presidency: 1) the middle class has shrunk, 2) the median income of the middle class has decreased and [...]

Microsoft Unveils Logo For Windows 8

Microsoft has unveiled the logo for the next version of Windows. Consistent with prior versions of their Operating System and other products; the software giant has spent more time ruminating about the pointless than the important. I find it fascinating that they would pre-announce the logo along with a stream of drivel seeking [...]

Apple unveils Mountain Lion OS X Preview

Apple unveils Mountain Lion Preview: iOS-ification of OS X continues with Messages, AirPlay Mirroring, Notification Center, Game Center, Twitter and more | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

The Macintosh platform continues to evolve in ways that make it easier to work across multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and serves as a guidepost for Microsoft to develop versions [...]

10 Incredible Stats From Apple Q1 Earnings

Ever wonder why everyone seems to have an iPhone and an iPad?

10 Incredible Stats From Apple’s Q1 Earnings

Why Android updates are a mess: its the business model | ZDNet

Ever wonder why the most tech saavy of your collegues use an iPhone or chose the iPad over 10 to 1 over the abundance of Android based tablets available today? It’s because despite the fact they are technically capable of getting applications (as opposed to malware) from the Google Market and the fact they [...]

Dubious about investing in Facebook? You are not alone.

Having worked at Netscape in the Internet bubble, I have a natural pessimism when it comes to Internet pure play stock valuations. Duff McDonald at Fortune Magazine also shares my perspective and has a pretty good writeup on his reasons the discussed valuations of Facebook are interesting but probably not realistic.


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Marketplace Report - APM

Browse the latest stories from and all of our Marketplace radio programs
There might be a way to eliminate traffic jams
Just in time for the holiday weekend.
Tech Intervention: There's such a thing as too many Ks
If people aren't buying 4k TVs, why would they go for 8k?
Americans are eating more cheese than ever
Then why is the government buying surplus of the dairy staple? The global market is saturated.
Supermarket price wars heating up
Wal-Mart, Dollar General and Kroger are cutting prices. But is it a smart strategy?
Moving manufacturing jobs to Mexico isn't a bad thing
To produce commodities, Mexico has to consume a chunk of U.S. goods.
This fall, TV networks go back in time
To stand out in a sea of content, TV networks are relying on recognizable brands.
Building a diverse workforce by investing in college
A Minnesota scholarship program aims to close a gap in college completion.
The Conversation: Money and education
When it comes to spending on education, what have you learned?
Aspen's affordable housing program is showing its age
Older residents are staying put, squeezing out today's workers.
Weekly Wrap: Janet Yellen cries hawk
Nela Richardson and Cardiff Garcia joining us to talk about the week's business and economic news.
French court's suspension of one burkini ban could set a precedent
The bans on the full-body swimsuit are likely to be overturned thanks to the ruling, according to reports.
A $52 billion loss for Japan's pension investment fund
ITT Tech's inability offer federal aid to new students, Japan's pension fund loss, and Houston's efforts to attract mega ships.
ITT schools can't offer federal financial aid to new students anymore
The Department of Education is worried about the for-profit college's finances.
Houston spends millions to woo post-Panamax ships
As giant ships navigate through the widened Panama canal, Houston is ready for them.
Prince's Paisley Park will open its doors to fans
Prince's museum will be run by a firm with ties to Elvis Presley's Graceland.
A fully public Fed?
Protesters on the left, as well as some economists, want to revamp the Fed.
Are powerful philanthropic groups good for education?
A new book looks at how groups like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are influencing public education.
Some NGOs in Nairobi have to pay locals to attend meetings
For years, NGOs have poured money into Kenya but many residents are skeptical over the groups' intentions.
Millennials get serious about retirement
A survey reveals that young adults are already planning for their golden years.
Frank Ocean and the business of really fancy music videos
Is the music industry's future all-visual-albums, all the time?

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